FIFA world cup 1970 for FIFA World Football Museum. Created by Jonas Bergstrand.

Pitch & Pieces

FIFA World Football Museum

TRIAD Berlin, the design and architecture firm appointed to spearhead the realization of the FIFA World Football Museum, commissioned pitch posters in December 2013.

Several designers were asked to expand on a fairly loose brief based on the 1994 World Cup. The aim was to find someone who could bring that little extra to the process as a whole, not to find a specific solution to a certain poster. Each designer was given about a week to come up with ideas and presentation. The level of creativity in the sketches shown here met with approval from both TRIAD and FIFA.

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On the same page

ON THE SAME PAGE In late May 2014 the first production-meeting was held in Berlin. Thus began an intense assignment that would take a year and a half to complete. The ruling concept was zeitgeist. The idea was that each poster should capture the spirit of the times and present key factors, events and players that shaped the tournament in question.

Ulf Eberspaecher, CD at TRIAD, emphasized that he did not want photo walls. He wanted the assembled stories and archive material to be presented in a way unique to this museum. It took months of trials and many meetings before the first two posters finally came together. To avoid repetition from poster to poster each hade to be given its own twist and its own theme for capturing the zeitgeist.

Getting the stories and photos right meant that a close collaboration with both TRIAD and the content team at FIFA was of the essence. Many thanks to Ulf Eberspaecher, Ole Bahrmann, Pauline Kunze, Kai Burkhardt at TRIAD and Moritz Ansorge, Guy Oliver and Nicolas Barré at FIFA. Big thanks also to creative director David Ausseil at FIFA for his support.

Here are some of the unpublished sketches that were made during the project. Discussing graphic design easily becomes very abstract and therefore confusing unless there is something real to look at. Loads of imagery was produced just to aid discussions and get everyone involved on the same page.

Fifa Fifa Fifa Fifa
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